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Situational Awareness - Enhancing safety and efficiency

Where are you and what surrounds you? At KONGSBERG, we care about the environment around your vessel. Our cutting-edge solutions provide precise, reliable and real-time data for detecting, classifying and observing objects, obstacles, vessels and the shoreline, as well as precise control of own position, velocity and attitude information.


KONGSBERG Situational Awareness builds on our extensive experience within autonomous vessels, utilizing advanced technology to assist day-to-day operations. We deliver dynamic sensor coverage up to 360° and a configurable operator view to ensure that your Situational Awareness system meets your operational needs.

The system is one of our Ship Intelligence, Remote and Autonomous solutions developed for commercial marine application. KONGSBERG Situational Awareness is designed to mitigate the risks navigators face, increasing safety, operational efficiency and expanding the operational window.

Integrated solution



Our Situational Awareness solution can be delivered as an integrated part of the K-Bridge. Obstacles, freespace, steel to steel distances, precise own ship positioning, velocities and accelerations data are shown integrated in the Bridge Screens. The Augmented Reality display can also be shown in a Multi Function Display



Integrity monitoring

Fusing multiple sensor and sensor platforms are complex. Integrity Monitoring is important and KONGSBERG Situational Awareness gives the user concise feedback on the systems current capabilities. In case of reduced capabilities due to environmental challenges, faulty or misaligned sensors, the system will alert its users through Bridge Alert Management (BAM).

Augmented reality

ProximityView is one subcomponent of the our Situational Awareness solution. The product offers dynamic stitching of several camera clusters and together with electronic stabilizing the user has the possibility for a fully configurable 360-degree view. The Augmented Reality overlay provides a clear view over obstacles, and planned path.


Proximity View

The navigator can easily change between a simulated bridge view, birds-eye view or other configurable views suiting a specific operation.


Proximity View

ProximityView offers the navigator an extended control over its surroundings from the comfort of his normal steering position, or a Remote Operating Center.

Situational Awareness - short introduction

Intelligent sensor fusion 

Enabled by the latest in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning techniques, SeaAware is a processing platform in KONGSBERG Situational Awareness and fuses sensor and navigation data to create one coherent understanding of the vessel surroundings.

SeaAware will interface cameras, radars, AIS, attitude and positioning data to provide reliable information on all static and moving objects or obstacles within the coverage area.


AI Processing - Visual radar classification through use of a trained neural network.

Radar is a vital navigation component where the trained eye of a navigator can extract most hazards. SeaAware interfaces a range of radar antennas, a trained Neural Network taps into the raw data, while considering both historical data and how the vessel is moving to detect these hazards in a far better way than traditional Automatic Radar Plotting Aid (ARPA) solutions.


AI Processing - Visual camera classification through use of a trained neural network.

Obstacle and freespace detection using cameras are no easy task. Through extensive data collection from varied locations and installations SeaAware is able to understand visual imagery. Its advanced Neural Network has the ability to classify each pixel in an image. This enables not only obstacle detection and classification, but distance measurements to quaysides and structures, fog and camera integrity awareness.


AI Processing - Robust handling of challenging situations, such as water drops on the camera lens.


All equipment in the Situational Awareness solution has an IEC 60945 approval and is well suited for the harsh maritime environment. The camera solution is easily distributable, scalable and simple to install.

The solution is also created to interface wheelmarked radar, positioning and gyro solutions, minimizing the installation and equipment.