Thermocouple amplifiers

The thermocouple amplifiers convert the low voltage output from a thermocouple to a standard 4 to 20 mA signal with 2-wire connection. The amplifiers are compensated for variations in ambient temperature. The following types/temperature ranges are available for the GA-100 and GA-110 amplifiers:

GN-100 Thermocouple amplifier in connection box

The electronic circuitry is potted in epoxy and normally delivered in a silumin connection box. A potentiometer for zero adjustment is accessible. Outline dimensions: 67 x 35 x 79 mm (circuitry) 83 x h x 147 mm (connection box).

GA-110 Thermocouple amplifier for rail mounting

GA-110 thermocouple amplifier

The electronic circuitry is encapsulated in a terminal block for side by side mounting on standard rails, type TS-32 or TS-35. Outline dimensions: 79 x 25 x 73,5 mm


GA-112 thermocouple amplifier - dual

GA-112 Thermocouple amplifier - dual

As GA-100 but with two input/output channels.Outline dimensions: 79 x 22,5 x 95 mm


GA-120 Thermocouple amplifier - galvanically isolated

GA-120 thermocouple amplifier - galvanically isolated

Galvanically isolated input/output to avoid ground currents. To be used with sensors where the insulation resistance from element to ground is low, or for grounded thermocouples.

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