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Signal converter, programmable

N-11 "Smart" single channel programmable signal converter. GN-11 is a "smart" single channel signal converter which can be programmed to be used with various sensor elements or input signals such as Pt100, Pt1000 or thermocouple. Output is 4-20 mA. The converter has a operating temperature range from -40 to 125 ºC.

The transmitter can be configured to cover different temperature ranges (see table below) and sensor types by HART protocol. Sensor connection is 2-, 3 & 4-wire. The transmitter has internal compensation for varying ambient temperature.

Code key: GN-11/-

Element type Code
Pt100 U
Pt1000 M
NiCr/NiAl K
Fe/CuNi J


Range °C Code
-200 to +200 10
-50 to +50 11
0 to +160 12
0 to +300 13
0 to +600 14
0 to +100 15
-50 to +100 16
0 to +900 17
0 to +800 18


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