New KM-Support App

Kongsberg Maritime AS announces today the introduction of the new KM-Support App, enabling its customers to call/mail directly with the dedicated KM-Support team for their product.

Pieter Blom, Manager Front-End 24/7 Technical Support in Global Customer Support says:

“In the KM-Support App you can navigate visually forwards and backwards through the phone-menu of KM’s product support teams and once you have found the team you need, just click and call them or send an email directly. It is very fast and easy to use.”

support app.JPG.jpg

The KM Support App is the result of a true harmonization effort of a total of 50 technical support and spares teams in KM, bringing together our global range of 24/7 Follow the Sun contact details and our large product portfolio into one very user-friendly App.

The KM-Support App also comes with a product-search bar with 1600+ product names or descriptions that are all ‘click-and-call’ enabled.

The new KM-Support App is now available for free in the App Store and Google Play.

The use of the KM-Support App is free of charge. The user’s mobile phone provider may charge the costs of the phone call communication to the caller.