PowerAllocator TM

Energy Solutions is a collection of general, standardized electrical power system architectures, designed to provide customers in the marine segment with integrated digital, reliable and cost-effective energy solutions.  

Our mission is to help our customers lower the lifetime cost and emissions while maximising their investment in power systems. The PowerAllocator™ is a novel, patent pending Energy Storage Solution that will supply and optimally allocate power between redundancy groups from a single, autonomous battery system. 

Our PowerAllocatorTM offers significant fuel efficiency gains, reduced emissions at reduced cost, space, weight and complexity compared to conventional energy storage solutions. 

The PowerAllocator™ constitute a new redundancy group that is autonomous from all main redundancy groups with regards to failures and propagation under IMO equipment DP class 2 (DP2) and 3 (DP3). 

The PowerAllocatorTM allows the engines to run at increased fuel efficiency and enables full flexibility in power system setups. The energy storage is available for spinning reserve and power peak load smoothing for all main redundancy groups in both open and closed bus operation. 

The PowerAllocator™ allows for less installed battery capacity reducing the CAPEX when compared with conventional setups where an energy storage system is installed in each redundancy group. 


  • Reducing the engine running hours in DP operations by up to 50% 
  • Producing power more efficiently with remaining engines  


  • DP operations with one (1) or two (2) engines 
  • Reduced operational costs 
  • One (1) common battery, hence optimizing the installation space 
  • Increased engine efficiency 
  • Always connected – No operator intervention is required in changing modes or conditions 
  • Load transfer via DC-link enabled 


  • Vessels classed with open or closed bus operation


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