Energy ESS Deckhouse

KONGSBERG has several energy storage containerized solutions to meet the requirements our customers have towards charters and regulators for reduced emissions and safe operation. All solutions are prepared for shore connection according to the new IEC recommendations. 

Our unique and patented energy control system for hybrid power systems extracts from and shares information between all components in the digital power layer. Tight synchronized integration delivers unique features at the cutting edge of DP technology.

Core components of the novel Dynamic Hybrid Control system includes Dynamic Load Prediction and Dynamic Inertia Control combined with an automatic start/stop strategy. Predictions of future thruster demand controls the energy production for generators and battery charge / discharge. Load dynamics shared between the batteries and generators ensures optimization for both generator limitations and battery lifetime.

  • Up-to 912 kWh/2600kW in a single container
  • 3 safety barriers for protecting against internal and external events
  • Enables open and closed bus operation, one genset closed bus or two gen-sets open bus in DP2
  • Unique and patented energy control system for hybrid power systems
  • Integrated Shore Connection for optimal charging of energy storage and flexible use towards MSB

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