Energy Storage Converter

DC/AC converter

The main DC/AC converter alter the energy storage DC voltage to AC voltage. The DC/AC converter is set up to work as a virtual generator with similar interface towards switchboard as a traditional generator.

Peak Shaving mode 

In peak shaving mode load variations in the power network is absorbed by the Energy Storage system (ESS). The ESS will level out the power seen by engine and eliminate peak load required start of new engines. Power can be generated at peak efficiency and at the lowest cost. 

Generator mode 

In generator mode the ESS can operate as spinning reserve or zero emission. In spinning reserve the ESS is connected to the power management system and running but not charging or discharging, if loss of generator capacity occur energy storage steps in to handle the load for a predefined period of time. In zero emission the ESS powers the complete system eliminating the need for running engines. No emissions, no fuel consumption or noise is some of the advantages.

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