Loading Computer System, K-Load

Combining the experience of Consultas and Lodic into one world class load calculator fit for all vessel types. KONGSBERG provides solutions that contribute to efficient and safe operations. The latest enhanced Human Machine Interface (HMI) provide the highest standard in quality and functionality, making them the first choice for quality ship owners and operators.

KONGSBERG K-Load system is a modern online loading instrument that is based on a 3D geometric model of the vessels hull and inner structure. Tanks and compartments are displayed with graded colour of their content and shows the exact filling levels.

K-Load system

The system complies with the requirements of IMO, local marine authorities and classification societies and is simultaneously ready for both online use and for planning purposes. The loading computer is developed to be an easy-to-use application that takes care of all advanced functionalities a tank vessel needs to be compliant to such as strength, stability and damage calculations.

KONGSBERG K-Load is always connected to the tank gauging system, giving the operator full control of the cargo, ballast and fuel flow. The loading computer is online in the Online Condition mode and the operator can also choose to work offline in the Planning Condition mode to carry out simulations or planning. The operator can easily transfer data between the two modes.

The Direct Damage Stability module calculates the effect of all relevant damages on the vessel’s floating position and stability characteristics. Starting from the ship's current loading condition the operator may trigger a calculation of all predefined damage cases as given by the approved Damage Stability information.

Damage Stability information

Available add-on modules

K-Load Trim Optimisation

The add-on module is a tool to aid the operator in operating the ship in optimal trim with regards to fuel consumption. The module is integrated into K-Load to ensure safe operation (stability, strength and damage stability) and is an efficient planning tool for both trim and displacement.

K-Load Trim Optimisation

K-Load Water Ballast Control

The add-on module calculates the water ballast distribution which yields a desired floating position. The module is integrated into K-Load to ensure that the proposed ballast distribution complies with the vessels stability and strength requirements.

K-Load Office

The K-Load Office system contains the entire fleet of ships grouped, for example, according to vessel class. The system is particularly designed for easy access to the various ships and to easily exchange loading conditions between ship and shore through a two-way communication link. The office system is running the same Loading Computer software as each particular ship, consequently identical results are obtained for each particular loading condition.

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