Swing-up Azimuthing Thruster

The TCNS type azimuth thruster offers all the advantages of a retractable
thruster within an exceptionally compact design. When operational, the thruster
provides high bollard pull, ensuring efficient positioning and manoeuvring of the
vessel. For transit and operations in shallow waters, the thruster can be swung up
above the baseline and retracted into its housing.

The TCNS type azimuth thruster plays a vital role in the vessel’s safety redundancy system. Its powerful thrust enables the vessel to maintain control and manoeuvrability, allowing for a safe return to port if the main propulsion fails.

In its stowed position, the thruster remains flush with the vessel’s keel, avoiding protrusion below the baseline—a crucial feature for operations in shallow waters and for eliminating any unnecessary hydrodynamic drag while in transit.

Developed for maximum bollard pull for optimal manoeuvring

These units can be rapidly swung down and incorporate an improved nozzle design with the thruster lower section angled 5° downwards when fully deployed. This offset directs the propeller slipstream to limit the Coanda effect, which can reduce effective thrust. The angle of tilt can be manually increased by 3.5° to obtain the best thruster performance match to the hull.

Units are supplied complete with a small hull module carrying all the lifting, locking, steering and transmission systems. In the stowed position the thruster does not protrude below the vessel’s keel/ baseline, an important consideration for shallow water operations. Additional azimuth thrusters are often located at the lowest possible position in the hull due to space envelope restrictions, especially for equipment mounted at the bow, and thrusters need to be retracted into the hull when not in use. Available in powers from 750 to 2,000kW.

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Why to choose our TCNS type thruster

• Advanced manoeuvring and dynamic positioning capability
• Robust and proven design with hundreds of examples
delivered to all vessel segments
• Minimal installation footprint and installation height

Key advantages

• Advanced manoeuvring and dynamic positioning capability
• Minimal installation footprint and installation height
• Very simple installation, unit delivered as a single weld on

Functionalities of TCNS type thruster

• Dynamic positioning
• Advanced manoeuvring
• Redundancy & take me home
• Slow transit (with TCNS only)
• Increased bollard pull

Technical data

Swing-up TCNS/C TCNS/C 75 TCNS/C 100
Propeller size (mm) 1700 2200
Power (kW) 750-1000 1165-2000
Max thrust (kN) 120-160 265-320
Max input rpm (RPM) 1500-2000 1500-1800
Total dry weight (kg) 16200 29100

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