Raising Concerns

We take your feedback and concerns seriously and aim to improve continuously.

LINK: Our whistleblowing channel

KONGSBERG considers it important for the development of the Group that employees provide feedback on matters perceived as positive as well as on matters perceived as negative. Such feedback will ordinarily be part of the ongoing dialogue between employee and employer in the continual process of making improvements.

KONGSBERG therefore encourages employees to notify censurable conditions and aims to ensure that employees are taken seriously when they give feedback to their employer.

Raising concerns involves reporting circumstances of a more serious nature, e.g. infractions of the law. These routines provide a more detailed description of the procedure to be followed in connection with raising concerns.

KONGSBERG intends these guidelines to pave the way for and inform employees about the routines that apply when employees wish to report concerns about censurable conditions in KONGSBERG.

You can raise a concern to KONGSBERG's own compliance officer at: ethics@kongsberg.com

Raising concerns is governed by Chapter 2A of the Norwegian Working Environment Act. Pursuant to the provisions in Chapter 2A, employees have the right to report censurable conditions on the part of their employer. Further, retaliation against persons who reports concerns is prohibited.

Our whistleblowing channel enables all employees of KONGSBERG, business partners and stakeholders to report any serious concerns or offenses in a confidential manner.