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More than just shaft power

MetaPower Quad is based on a patented design capable of more than just shaft power. Two slotted wheels are installed with some distance between them on the shaft. Laser sensors individually read the wheels relative position. Industry leading high-res processing of torque and power data computed for every 1° of shaft revolution. Essential data are provided via TCP/IP for fast & lag-free communication. Also provides pre-processed data-sets for in-depth torsion analysis

A comphrehensive measurement tool

Obtaining a long-term, precise measurement of torque transferred by a solid piece of shaft-steel, is one of the most challenging measurements on a ship. This measurement used for many KPI's when it comes to engine and vessel performance. Having a precise measurement is cruicial for the validity for making the correct descicions.

Animation of the MetaPower Quad

KONGSBERG has developed it's patented torquemeter over many years, with strong emphasize on long-term correct measurement, ease of use, and additional functions.

Obtaining data - Keeping data

ISO 19030-2:2016(E) defines delivered power as one of two primary parameters for measuring changes in hull and propeller performance. The standard also specifies minimum data acquisition rates, which the data shall be recored with. For engine power this is 0.07Hz, or once every 15s.

MetaPower Quad has built in capacity to store such data for minimum 10 years. View the performance data in any relevant time perspective. The system is of course ready to share data. Connect to it with industry standard Modbus TCP, use the HTTP interface or access the history database remotely with an SQL program.

Metapower quad
System drawing

Shaft deflection (bending) and eccentricity detection

Using advanced algorithms, the quadrature arrayed sensors can detect deflection in the shaft, caused by bending forces and poor shaft alignment. The user will be alerted if the shaft is excessively bending, or exercise eccentric movements throughout the revolution. The warning limits are adjustable to accommodate most installations.

Shaft deflection
Shaft behaviour analysis  

Interactive demo of MetaPower Quad

View a walkthrough of the MetaPower Quad, or test MetaPower Quad to learn more about features in this interactive demo.

View Walkthrough video (youtube) Interactive demo (external)


Clutch slip detection

By interfacing engine flywheel sensor (ME RPM sensor) to the shaft cabinet, the system will compare revolution speed between shaft and engine. Provided with the gear ratio, the system will alert immediately if the clutch is slipping.

Crank shaft monitoring

By interfacing encoder in front of engine to shaft cabinet, crank shaft monitoring is possible. Comparing encoder signal to front shaft code-wheel signal can provide insight on torsion and oscillations, isolated to the Main Engine crankshaft.

Fuel performance

By interfacing mass-flowmeters on fuel in and outlet, fuel performance option can be activated. Provides a very cost-effective, intuitive, standardized fuel calculation and logging system for single-acting main engines. Fuel and voyage data can be stored in the system up to 10 years. Use the report function or access the SQL data channel. The internal logging storage capacity is ~25 Gb, enough for most users.

Extra functions in MetaPower Quad

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