GT300 - Marine pressure transmitter

Pressure transmitter for general purposes application in the engine room.

Can be mounted directly to the measuring point - or mounted in a bracket fixed to a bulkhead with a control valve below.

Main specifications

  • Pressure connection : 1/2" and 1/4" threads
  • Electrical connection : Via an M gland on a DIN plug
  • Range : 0 to 60 bar gauge
  • Accuracy : <±0. 5% of fro></±0.>
  • Temperature drift : <±0.05% of fro °c></±0.05%>
  • Comp. temperature range : -25 to 85°C
  • Long term stability : <±0.2% of fro year></±0.2%>

Services and support

  • 24/7 Technical support

    Our 24/7 technical support team is there to help at any time, day or night, wherever your vessel is.

  • Conversions, retrofit and refit

    We understand the importance of having the right parts, available in the right place, at the right time.

  • Training

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