Propulsion Control System - AutoChief 600

Back in 1967 we developed the AutoChief I, the first remote control system for low speed propulsion plants. By 2019 more than 10 000 remote control systems have been delivered to vessels all over the world, including approximately 6500 AutoChief® C20 and 600 systems.

AutoChief® has become a trademark for safe and efficient propulsion control.

Applicable for

The AutoChief 600 propulsion control system is a complete control and safety systems suitable for all 2 and 4 stroke engines, both fixed and controllable pitch propellers.

The system is available for single and dual propulsion lines. It features a modular design, and can easily be configured for various propulsion configurations. The AutoChief® features the same distributed and fully redundant architecture as our machinery automation systems, with no additional emergency telegraph system required.

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Designed in accordance with the requirements of: DNV, LRS, BV, GL, RINA, NK, ABS, KR, RMR, CCS and All low speed engines from MAN B&W, WinGD and J-Eng, Dual Fuel & Single Fuel.

Digital Governor System

The Digital Governor System is both a stand-alone and a fully integrated part of the AutoChief® 600 family.

Main features

  • Speed order inputs from all control positions
  • Automatic fuel limiter functions according to main engine builders specifications (scavenge air, torque limiter etc.)
  • Manual fuel and RPM limiter adjustable from the control panel (chief limiter)
  • Redundant speed measuring system using inductive speed pick-ups
  • Limiters can be cancelled from each control position
  • Self-check functions

Distributed Processing Units

The AutoChief® 600 use Distributed Processing Units installed directly in the junction boxes on the main engine. All signals to and from the engine are transmitted on dual redundant CAN lines (bus on engine).

All nonessential sensors can be shared with the K-Chief 600 alarm and monitoring system, requiring only one interface to the main engine. This principle drastically reduces the installation and cabling cost.

Main features

  • Dual/redundant field bus (CAN)
  • Signal interfacing to sensors and actuators
  • Alarm detection and process control
  • Time stamping of alarms and events
  • Direct mounting on engine is possible
  • Design focused on EMC compatibility

Engine Safety System

The Engine Safety System is both a stand-alone and a fully integrated part of the AutoChief® 600 family.

Main features

  • Separate overspeed detection system
  • Automatic shutdown of main engine, both cancellable and non-cancellable, will stop the engine by activating solenoid valves. The sensors may be analogue or digital
  • Four dedicated shutdown inputs with backup and double power supply
  • Separate emergency stop system with full loopfail detection and redundant power supply
  • Automatic slowdowns, both cancellable and non-cancellable, reduces engine speed to a safe level if technical problems on the main engine arise
  • Engine RPM detection system with two independent systems, including automatic change over
  • RPM indicators on redundant CAN network
  • All sensors and valves are monitored for cable failure
  • Settings may be altered and values may be inspected on any control panel
  • Redundant power supply

Services and support

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  • Conversions, retrofit and refit

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