Hybrid shaft generator


The Hybrid Shaft Generator (HSG) drive provides electrical power to the vessel’s main swithboard by converting variable voltage and frequency input to fixed voltage and frequency output. 

This allows the main engine and propulsion systems to operate at variable
speeds – including at optimal engine speed and propeller pitch – without
affecting the availability of electrical power on the vessel.

When it is able to operate at optimal engine speed and propeller pitch, a
vessel sails more efficiently (using less fuel) and smoothly (with minimum
propeller vibrations, which cause wear and tear).

By enabling the vessel to sail in this way, the HSG drive reduces fuel
consumption and emissions, and – by reducing vibrations – it also
reduces the cost of maintenance to the propulsion system.
Extra power or propulsion.

Technical highlights 

  • Based on SAVe+ LINE propulsion drive series 
  • Liquid cooled 
  • Degree of protection: IP54 
  • Internal air-liquid heat exchanger 
  • No internal-external air exchange (suitable for harsh environments) 
  • Separate cable termination section 
  • Modular design 
  • Redundant cooling pumps 
  • Simplified interfaces to external control systems 
  • Prepared for remote access 
  • Applicable to both new-builds and retro-fits 
  • Suitable for implementation in all categories of propulsion systems: 
    • Synchronous (incl. PM) and asynchronous shaft generators 
    • Geared and inline generator integration 
    • Low-, medium- and high-speed main engines 
    • Fixed and controllable pitch propellers 

The main benefits

  • Fuel savings of up to 30% 
  • Smaller environmental footprint 
  • Safety and comfort
    • Reduced vibrations 
    • Reduced maintenance 
    • Reduced noise 

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