Multi functional operator station - K-Bridge

K-Bridge MULTI combines the capabilities of ARPA, ECDIS and Conning stations into one unit.

With its three modes of operation, K-Bridge MULTI provides an excellent opportunity for optimal sharing of work. Each mode complies with the respective regulations for that mode and allows the crew to set up the bridge with multiple K-Bridge MULTI stations exactly as preferred for the current manning and vessel operation. The possibility to shift command responsibility for autopilot and track control between the stations contributes further to the flexibility.

Multi functional operator station

Customer benefits

  • Type approved ARPA radar functions, ECDIS and conning information system
  • Remote control of auto pilot in heading, course and track mode with dedicated paneldevice
  • Planning and monitoring of sailing routes
  • Shares charts, sailing routes and AIS targets with other K-Bridge operator stations when connected on a common local area network

ARPA radar

  • Manual and automatic radar target acquisition and tracking
  • Display charts as underlay to the radar video in ARPA mode
  • Operator panel with analogue adjustment of ARPA gain and clutter


  • Displays radar video as chart overlay in ECDIS mode
  • Vector charts: S57 Edition 3 (Official charts) and S63 (Primar TM ) Security scheme
  • Vector charts: CM-93/3 and CM-93/2 vector charts from C-Map
  • Raster charts: ARCS (UKHO) or Seafarer (AHO)

Conning display

  • Displays conning information adapted to current mode of operation: Transit with track control, docking, dynamic positioning

Standards applied

  • The equipment is designed to conform to the following standards:
  • IMO MSC 64 (67) Appendix 4 Recommendation on Performance Standard for Radar Equipment
  • IMO Resolution A.823 (19). Performance Standard for Automatic Radar Plotting Aids (ARPA)
  • IEC 60936-1, Shipborne Radar, Operational and Performance Requirements
  • IEC 60872-1, ARPA, Operational and Performance Requirements
  • IEC 61174 Ed.2.0 ECDIS Operational and Performance Requirements. Method of Testing and Required Test Results
  • IMO Resolution A.817 (19), Performance Standard for Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems
  • IEC 61162 Ed.2.0 Maritime navigation and radio communication equipment and systems – Digital interfaces
  • IEC 529 Second edition (1989-11), Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP code)
  • IEC 60945, Maritime Navigation equipment, General Requirements
  • IEC 60936-3, Radar with Chart Facilities Performance Requirements
  • IEC 60936-5, AIS presentation on Radar


  • Input voltage : 115/230 VAC +/- 10%
  • Frequency : 50/60 Hz +/- 5%
  • Power consumption : 340 W

Environmental specifications

The K-Bridge multifunctional operator station is in compliance with IEC 60945.

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