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Fish-finding sonars

Simrad introduced the first commercial "ASDIC" in 1953.

Since then, the ways and means of fishing have evolved to become more technology based. And at the forefront of this evolution, you find accurate and efficient fish-finding sonars with the red Simrad brand name.

Our sonars offer short and long range performance. We use advanced wide band transducer design combined with digital transmitting and receiving technology. A frequency modulated signal with special filters enhances fish detection and definition under difficult conditions, while extending the detection range.

For more than 50 years, we have manufactured advanced and reliable sonars for efficient fishery.

During these years, the ways and means of fishing have evolved to become more and more technology based. To lead in this technological change is to shape the world of fishing, and through ideas and innovations we has done just that. You could say that fifty years ago, fish were relatively safe. Now, with Simrad sonars and echo sounders, fish can be caught in a far more efficient manner, which in turn increases profitability and makes life at sea less stressful for the fisherman. The advanced technology in the Simrad sonars has transformed the world of fishing, and with the constant development of sonars, echo sounders and catch monitoring instruments, our sonars continue to forge an unprecedented path.

And did you know that the phrase ASDIC was invented during the second world war to name the committee responsible for the new technology, the "Anti Submarine Detection Investigating Committee"?