We are the global leader in azimuth and tunnel thrusters, backed by over 50 years experience and over 18 000 thrusters delivered worldwide. We offer the broadest portfolio of mechanical, hybrid, and direct electric drive thruster solutions in the market.

  • Direct Electric Drive, or fully electric thrusters, includes Rim Drive Azimuth and Rim Drive Tunnel Thruster, as well as pushing and pulling Elegance Pod propulsion.
  • Retractable and Swing-up azimuthing thrusters for applications where installation height is the key factor for auxiliary propulsion. Our retractable thruster range provides additional thrust and fast hydraulic lifting and lowering of the unit, enabling it to retract into the hull when not in use, reducing the vessel's drag. Also available in Combi-version which acts as a tunnel thruster when in retracted position. Designed for horizontal and vertical drive. 
  • Underwater Mountable thrusters – Our underwater mountable thrusters provide reliable transit and DP operation and are designed for easy underwater mounting and dismantling without dry-docking the application
  • Arctic Thruster is ideal for artic ice conditions. Polar Class 2 and Icebreaker 7 rules are met up to a power rating of 9MW. Available in both pulling and pushing mechanical versions.
  • Azipull Thruster unit provides high propulsive and hydrodynamic efficiency with an integrated PM motor. Available with CP or FP propeller. 
  • US Azimuth Thruster has set the industry standards for decades being one of our all-time most selling propulsion product. It is the optimal choice when optimum bollard pull is required. Available in flexible modular design, with various options to choose from.