The future in software development toolset is here. SpiderFusion provides a software toolset for easy and efficient implementation of end-user software solutions. SpiderFusion consists of five modules. SpiderCore, SpiderGUI, SpiderAO, SpiderSpatial and SpiderGear.


SpiderCore offers software development support for information to be processed in a multithreaded runtime environment. It will minimize the level of potential conflicts that arise with the use of an increased number of threads in parallel.


SpiderGUI provides functionality for extending the software toolset Qt. Qt is a very popular commercial toolset for developing platform-independent Graphical User Interfaces (GUI). The SpiderGUI extension is mainly focusing on useful tools to simplify the software development of complex systems with complex GUIs


SpiderAO provides powerful tools for management and control of Application Objects (AO). Using SpiderAO simplifies the configuration of such type of systems and offers simple re-use between sub-systems and between projects.


SpiderSpatial provides various general data structures connected to the geographic space, such as coordinates, coordinate systems geometries, networks and geographic fields; furthermore, these structures provide computation functions such as coordinate transformations, triangulation and logical operators.


SpiderGear provides basic functionality for the interaction between own software and its platform (i.e. hardware, programming language and operating system). The interaction could then be made independent of the under¬lying platform type, which means that the software could be moved smoothly between different platform types and platform versi¬ons without any modification.


  • Modular SW toolset
  • Processing information in multithreaded environments
  • Extending the Qt SW toolset
  • Management and control of Application Objects (AO)
  • Complex data structures and functions connected to the geographical space


  • Created for easy and efficient implementation of end-user software solutions
  • More and more emphasis is being put on basing toolset implementation on the principles, structures and prescriptions defined by modern international standards. This approach will guarantee that the toolset solves their tasks according to widely recognized principles. This will also simplify toolset replacement.

Technical data

  • SpiderFusion is built for a large range of target variants, including both Linux and Windows operating systems.

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