Space & Surveillance

The space and surveillance activity of KONGSBERG delivers a broad spectrum of equipment, systems and services related to space and maritime surveillance customers in more than 40 countries.

Our portfolio includes equipment and components for the European heavy-lift launchers Ariane 5 & 6, equipment for communication, navigation, earth observation satellites as well as scientific space probes and space exploration.

The division is a world-leading supplier of satellite ground stations for downloading and processing satellite data, as well as a supplier of satellite services from ground stations at Svalbard in the Arctic, the Antarctic and numerous other locations.

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Space Mechanisms

KONGSBERG is Scandinavia’s largest supplier of space equipment to ESA, and a leading supplier of equipment to scientific satellites, earth observation satellites and launchers. KONGSBERG has more than 30 years experience with development, qualification and delivery of products within the launcher, satellite mechanisms, and drive and control electronics.
A scientist's hands and a space electronic product

On-board electronics

KONGSBERG has a strong design & manufacturing capability for satellite onboard electronics, per date with hardware on more than 200 satellites. The company has a global footprint with all major primes in our customer base. Hardware is found in telecom, navigation, Earth observation and scientific satellites.
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KONGSBERG has more than 20 years experience and heritage within space electro-optics for laser metrology system. KONGSBERG is also developing next-generation pyro system technology called Optopyro. The system is based on optical technology where laser pulses, generated by high power semiconductor lasers are distributed via optical fibres for initiation of pyro functions.

Ground Systems

KONGSBERG is a world leading supplier of ground stations for data acquisition from Earth observation and meteorological satellites, including production of value-added applications. Our products range from data acquisition to surveillance. We provide worldwide delivery and support.
Satellites on Svalbard

Satellite Services

KSAT is the world-leading company for maritime monitoring and surveillance services using satellite-based data from several radars- and optical services. KSAT provides unbiased multi-mission near real-time services providing accurate information based on satellites to users worldwide in less than 20 minutes from data acquisition. The combination of KSAT ground station network and services is unrivalled.