Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace is committed to achieving sustainable development through the delivery of innovative and reliable products and services. We recognize that our operations have the potential to impact the environment and society, and we are committed to mitigating these impacts through responsible and sustainable practices.

From both our own operations and through the products and services we provide, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace is dedicated to paving the way for a sustainable future.

As an industry leader we acknowledge our responsibility to minimize environmental impact, promote social responsibility, and foster economic growth, while ensuring the utmost quality and efficiency in our defence and aerospace solutions.

We believe that as a company we have an obligation to the future, and that businesses must take an active role to ensure sustainable development.

At Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, we seek to support all the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's)  through our business activities. 

That by focusing on and reducing negative impacts, promoting sustainable development, and seizing the business opportunities that can come in the wake of the work to achieve the sustainability goals.

A modern defense is crucial for the security, democracy and freedom of all nations, and is a prerequisite for sustainable societies.

Therefore, as a RELIABLE partner, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace is a proud developer and supplier of world-class defense and aerospace systems to our customers and partners whose responsibility is to ensure a safe and sustainable future.

By also being a responsible partner throughout the supply chain, and in cooperation with our suppliers, we seek to ensure that our operations are carried out in accordance with, and according to internationally recognized standards for responsible business conduct.

We will work for a responsible use of resources, energy efficiency and optimization of the footprint of our products and general operations, by making greater use of circular economic principles.

Our obligation to the future.

  • - Develop world class products and services for our customers and partners who are securing a safer and more sustainable future.

  • - Strive to ensure that our operations are conducted in compliance with internationally recognized standards for responsible business conduct.

  • - Ensure responsible use of resources, energy efficiency and reduce CO2 footprint of our products and operations.

Being a responsible partner, and having a responsible supply chain, requires strong management and governance mechanisms.

Therefore, due diligence (DD) and risk assessments of potential customers, suppliers and partners are an important part of our routines. –

We ensure a continuously responsible supply chain through monitoring KPIs, requirements for supplier behaviour, self-assessments and periodic due diligence assessments and audits.

We have set targets for decent work and monitor working conditions.

For us, an attractive workplace aims to create and develop work with a focus on HSE, sustainability and labor rights as part of value creation. In order to ensure trust and credibility for our stakeholders, we continuously focus on securing information, personnel, physical assets and technology to avoid damage, abuse and downtime. We have a local presence where we support local initiatives and activities, collaborate and support student programmes.

All our business activities must be carried out responsibly and in accordance with our management and control systems to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Annual Report and Sustainability Report 2022

Kerry Bommen
Director Sustainability