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The Aerostructures Division comprises three business areas; Mechanical Production, Composite and Overhaul of Dynamic Helicopter Systems.

In the late summer and autumn of 2008 KONGSBERG’s Mechanical Production and Composite operations moved into completely new production premises in a new industrial estate approximately 4 kilometres from the present day Kongsberg Industrial Park. In this building of approximately 30,000 square metres, mechanical production uses one-third of the area and composite production the remaining two-thirds.  In addition there is a joint administration building of approximately 4,500 square metres.

To date this is the largest single investment in KONGSBERG’s history and totals NOK 900 million in building, plant and production equipment. This makes Aerostructures one of Europe’s most advanced manufacturers producing complex structures in high-alloy metals (titan) and composites.

The commitment is based on the Norwegian Government’s wish to replace the present F16 fighter aircraft with the new F35 Joint Strike Fighter and the industrial opportunities it brings in its wake.  On 21 December 2008 the Government decided to go ahead with the American F35 Joint Strike Fighter.

Aerostructures has already signed several contracts within the programme and these ensure production of advanced structures for the F35 for many years to come. 

As well as deliveries to the aircraft industry, the Aerostructures portfolio consists of complex machining and assembly of parts and systems for the Offshore Industry and the Defence Market.

Aerostructures also has a department for Overhaul of Dynamic Helicopter Systems (gear boxes and rotor heads). This department is located in the Kongsberg Industrial Park.

Business Areas