NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance (AGS)

System Master Archival/Retrieval Facility (AGS SMARF)

The KONGSBERG AGS SMARF solution is an integral part of the NATO Owned and Operated AGS system, which provides the Alliance with advanced all-weather wide-area persistent ground surveillance capabilities.

The AGS SMARF provides state-of-the-art capabilities for storing, managing and disseminating Joint Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (JISR) data and information in a timely and interoperable manner to users throughout NATO. It is highly flexible and scalable, and will effectively support networked users throughout complex and unpredictable operational environments.


  • Very Large and Long-Duration Persistent Storage
  • Deployment and Scalability for Tactical to Enterprise Levels
  • Open Standards
  • Open and Modular Design
  • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • NATO Network-Enabled Capabilities (NNEC)


  • Key enabler for the emerging NATO JISR capabilities
  • Offers unlimited flexibility and growth potential in support of current, emerging and future operational needs.
  • Ensures interoperability with a wide range of NATO and National JISR and C2 capabilities through proven adherence to NATO STANAGs and agreements as well as to widely used open interfaces.

  • Global Hawk. Photo: KONGSBERG

  • Illustration of AGS SMARF in use. Photo: KONGSBERG

Technical data


  • STANAG 4559 NATO ISR Library Interface
  • (NSILI) / Coalition Shared Database (CSD)
  • OGC Web Services (OWS) Common
  • Standard/OpenGIS® Catalogue Services
  • Specification (Web Interfaces)

Data formats:

  • STANAG 4607 (GMTI data)
  • STANAG 4545 and 7023 (SAR, ISAR, EO, and IR imagery, Exploited imagery)
  • STANAG 5516 and 5518 (track data and related messages)
  • ADatP-3, STANAGs 3277 and 3377 (Formatted text messages)
  • STANAG 4633 (ESM)
  • STANAG 4676 (ISR tracks)
  • STANAG 5527 (NFFI data)
  • STANAG 4609 (Moving video)
  • XMPP (Messaging)
  • Unstructured Data (Any File)

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