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The people who work at Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace are key to our continuous success and is therefore our greatest asset and strength - our success is the result of the work done by all employees across all divisions.

We see diversity as a strength, and by fostering an inclusive and diverse culture we nurture different perspectives, which in turn fully utilizes our diversity to create business results. In order to do meet the challenges of the future, we need everyone’s voices, with a full range of insights and ideas.

As an employee of Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, you will have the opportunity to participate in exciting and interesting projects resulting in true innovation. Together with your team, you will help us create and develop sustainable solutions and technologies for the future.

Realize your potential and discover your future.

Code-girls wanted

Trine loves problem solving and real-time programming, and she wants more smart and innovative girls to join her in continuing the legacy of Code Girls – coders who wants to contribute to develop solutions making the world safer.

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Sveinung, the farmer and F-35 aviation mechanic

It’s an early afternoon in March and we're outside of Kongsberg Aviation Maintenance Services’ (KAMS) new facility at Rygge – Norway’s first and only F-135 depot hall. In the office-cafeteria we meet Sveinung Bieltvedt, a 36-year-old aviation mechanic with more than sixteen years of experience in his field.

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From heavy metal to system interplay

Heavy metal has been replaced by family life, a fulltime engineering job and some guitar strumming on the side. These days, Jon Anders thinks that his job take up too much time in his life. That is why he wants more people to join his team. People who share his interest in making complex systems manageable – the very essence behind the Systems Engineering method.

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Meet our System Engineer Gaute.

Employee benefits

The people who work at Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace are key to our continuous success and is therefore our greatest asset and strength. We want our employees to give us their best, and in return we offer great employment conditions, including a wide range of benefits and amenities, and programmes to promote a supportive, inclusive and friendly working environment.

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People seek to change careers for many different reasons and we understand that making a life-changing decision might feel intimidating. Your goals and values may have changed, you have discovered new interests that you want to pursue or you just simply want to do something new and exciting.

Do you want to know more about our company, how to write an application letter or find out how our recruitment process works? You may have a lot of questions and we are here to help give you the answers that you are looking for.

  • Bredo Larsen
    HR Director
  • Portrait of Baard Johan Troye. Credit: Njål Frilseth / KONGSBERG
    Baard J. Troye
    HR Manager
  • Portrait of Vilde Kongsjorden.  Credit: Njål Frilseth / KONGSBERG
    Vilde Kongsjorden
    HR Advisor