Kongsberg Digital Towers Module

The Kongsberg Digital Towers Module ensures efficient controller working position and increased safety awareness for the operators in a remote tower center.

Kongsberg Digital Towers Module consists of a presentation of the Out-The-Window view enhanced with augmented reality and information.

The operators are provided with the necessary situational awareness, such as airport lighting, MET, electronic flight strips system, airport sensors and radars, and other components (e.g. voice communication system).

The RTM consists of:

  1. Heads-Up Display (HUD) providing Out-The-Windows tower visuals enhanced with augmented reality and information overlays.
  2. Heads-Down-Display (HDD) providing operator tools such as airport selection, HUD management and Camera Control. In addition it may provide flight operations tools such as Voice Communication System (VCS), Traffic Situation Display (TSD), Electronic Flight Strips (EFS) and Integrated Control And Monitoring System

Kongsberg Digital Towers position contains the necessary equipment and functions to perform ATC/AFIS functions in compliance with the applicable parts of the ICAO Annex 11 and ICAO DOC 4444.

To ensure that the ATC operator has complete overview of the remotely operated airspace, the Kongsberg Digital Towers provides several means of situational awareness aids.

A typical OTW view presentation may consist of several visual overlays and augmentation:

  • Target Label
  • Meteorological data
  • PTZ view and directions indicator
  • 3D overlays and masking of areas
  • Moving target indicators (MTI) and hot spo
  • Clock and audio indicato
  • Alerts

The controller is able to select between a range of airports, which airport(s) to view and control on the Kongsberg Digital Towers Module. When selected, the correct airport(s) with corresponding airport information is displayed and able to control from the Kongsberg Digital Towers.


  • Single- and Multi-Mode capability
  • Visual overlays and augmentation
  • Airport Sound
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SoA) and DDS
  • Video tracking
  • 360 day and IR cameras - seamless panoramic image with IR fusion
  • Pan Tilt Platform holding PTZ and IR, LRF and SLG


  • Low bandwidth and media hiring cost
  • Low technical footprint and maintenance cost
  • Increased Safety and Situational Awareness
  • Full Eye Resolution
  • Scalability and Flexibility


  • 360° Panoramic View
  • No stitching


Harald Kleven
Hans Lie

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