Network and architecture

The Kongsberg Digital Towers offers a unique flexibility through:

  • Scalability - from small to large number of airports into one remote tower center (RTC)
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SoA) and DDS – modular and scalable system architecture

The Kongsberg Digital Towers has an open architecture that is flexible and adaptable to future needs and enhancements. To ensure a well-structured and loosely coupled architecture allowing for future development, the RTS software has a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with an open international Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard. DDS is specially designed for use in mission critical real-time systems such as the Kongsberg Digital Towers. SOA and DDS are keywords in the future Eurocontrol ATM Interoperability Infrastructure SWIM (System Wide Information Management).

The Kongsberg Digital Towers has a design being able to tailor the user interfaces and work with local suppliers to ensure full compatibility with systems already in place. Integration and control of airport lighting, airport environmental conditions, electronic flight strips system, airport and terminal sensors and radars and other components are very easy.

The customer may keep existing systems in our solution, e.g. such as existing flight strip system or radar display systems. This integration may either be a full integration into one head-down display, or as separate displays.

The system architecture is designed for handling at least, but not limited to, 15 towers simultaneously.

The Kongsberg Digital Towers is a proven system with very low bandwidth requirements, with high quality images over far distances. Airports more than 1000km away from the remote tower centre is being part of the solution.

- Single- and Multi-Mode capability
- Service Oriented Architecture (SoA) and DDS
- Low bandwidth requirements
- Low technical footprint

- Low media hiring and maintenance cost
- Scalable and flexible – prepared for future upgrades and new innovations
- Prepared for SWIM – the Eurocontrol ATM Interoperability Infrastructure

- Service Oriented Architecture (SoA) and DDS
- Bandwidth requirements < 100MBits


Harald Kleven
Hans Lie

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