The seascape is changing, putting pressure on naval operations, and increasing the need for greater capability and efficiency, greener technology, and heightened readiness.

KONGSBERG delivers the components, systems, and mission-critical products to future-proof your operations – ensuring your vessel can act faster, flexibly and remain relevant in this new naval age.

Agile technologies to help you protect people and planet.

Trusted by more than 70 navies worldwide, home of the renowned Kamewa propulsion and pioneers of the full ocean space, KONGSBERG has an unrivalled understanding of the technologies needed to increase your interoperability, autonomy, and efficiency.

From bridge to propeller, and for naval vessels ranging from coastguard to multi-purpose submarines, our adaptable, integrated, cost-effective, and reliable solutions are designed to ensure you meet unpredictable and mission-specific demands at speed scale, and with precision.

  • Deck machinery and motion control - Modular Mission Bay Handling Systems and containerised RAS equipment safely and efficiently enhance your operational readiness.

  • Propulsion and Manoeuvring - State-of-the-art propulsors are extensively tested and verified by our in-house Hydrodynamic Research Centre to ensure safety and reliability.

  • Integration and digitalisation - Unique integrated system packages deliver secure and comprehensive operational oversight and control, helping you to respond safely and efficiently.

  • Sensors and robotics - From unmanned and autonomous data collection to visualisation, actionable intelligence helps to enhance and secure your communications.

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