Raytheon MPQ64F1 sentinel radar

The Raytheon MPQ-64F1 Sentinel radar is a highly mobile, accurate multifunction X-band pulse Doppler radar. The radar provides 360º surveillance, tracking coverage, and target identification out to an instrumented acquisition range of 120 km.

Using advanced narrow “pencil beam” technology and sophisticated computer controls, the Sentinel provides highly accurate “three dimensional” (azimuth, elevation and range) track data, which is used to provide accurate target data to the NASAMS system. The Sentinel radar is a rotating, track while scan radar. It can track over 60 individual targets and, at the same time, scan for new targets.

The radar, in conjunction with the IFF interrogator, provides track and surveillance data out to an instrumented range of 120 km. The radar is lightweight (app 1800 kg), can be helo lifted and easily be put on rooftops or specially built towers for elevated radar coverage. The radar is towed by lightweight terrain vehicles or trucks which is also carries the power generator.

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  • Robust ECCM
  • Integrated IFF
  • Large surveillance and track volume
  • Automatic programmable digital output
  • Low manpower requirements
  • Fast deployment and march order
  • Proven reliability and Battle Tested
  • Difficult for the enemy to detect
  • Highly survivable

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