Fire Distribution Center (FDC)

The Fire Distribution Center (FDC) is a proven and fielded Air Defence and Surface to Surface Missile (SSM) BMC4I module. With its State-of-the-Art technology it delivers a scalable, mobile and intuitive BMC4I for current and future Air Defence and SSM missions. The FDC has an open SW/HW architecture to enable fully netted and distributed operations. The architecture enables insertion of new technology and capabilities.

The FDC ensures BMC4I functionality for any true mixed and layered Air Defence system configuration in national and multi-national scenarios. More than 200 FDCs are delivered as the BMC4I module for NASAMS, Naval Strike Missile™ Coastal Defence System (NSM™ CDS), HAWK and BOC programs.

The FDC is the C2 node of the NASAMS Air Defence System and NSM™ CDS. The Raytheon Family of Missiles including the various AMRAAM models, AIM-9X Sidewinder block II and AMRAAM ER and the KONGSBERG NSM™ have all been fired from NASAMS or NSM™ CDS. More than 10 different sensors have been integrated with the FDC. Standard tactical data links, as well as several national proprietary data links, are fully integrated, consequently, the FDC enables full interoperability with national, EU and NATO forces.

The ability to share Single Integrated Air Picture (SIAP) throughout the Battalion Net Data Link (BNDL) in Hard Real-Time enables the FDCs in the network to see the same correlated air picture. SW and HW are designed to give recommendations to the operators from the whole network.


  • The world’s leading C2 for Air Defence
  • Flexible configuration
  • Open Software and Hardware architecture
  • 15 current customers
  • Provides flexible BMC4I at any organizational level
  • Weapon and Sensor independent
  • Interfaces a range of Tactical Data Links, including all NATO standard
  • Open Tactical Framework SW, enabling future growth and customer added functionality
  • Fully netted and distributed IAMD operations


  • Single Integrated Air Picture (SIAP) or Single Integrated Surface Picture (SISP)
  • System Recommendations
  • Increased shoot-down potential
  • Distributed Architecture
  • Customer defined vehicle solution
  • Customer defined communication solutions


  • Both Centralized and Autonomous Operations
  • ACO Integration and ACM Visualization (Adat P-3)
  • Threat Evaluation
  • Engagement coordination
  • Recommendation of best firing solution in BN
  • Time to Intercept (TTI)
  • Auto FIDOC
  • Handling of Fire Control orders
  • Data Link Management (compliant with Mil Std 6016C)
  • Status & Readiness Monitoring/ Orders Management
  • Emission control
  • Mission Planning Tool (Force ops)
  • Recording and Playback of Air/ Surface picture and operations

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