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KONGSBERG Aerostructures & MRO is a world class provider of innovative technology and optimal process solutions for applications operating in space, air, on land and at sea.

Man monitoring parts at KONGSBERG

We offer integrated robotic systems to increase productivity and repeatability. Our efficient production includes 24/7 automated high speed machining. To ensure all parts fits first time.

Real-time data analysis

Machine condition monitoring is vital to how we minimize service disruptions and drive predictive maintenance. A sensor generating data network enables more efficient, transparent and flexible manufacturing.

In-house special processes offers full control of performance

List of customer approved processes

NAS 410 Certification & Qualification of Nondestructive Test Personnel
MIL-DTL-5002 Degreasing of Aluminum
LMA-PG001 Requirements for Etch/Cleaning prior to Penetrant Inspection
LMA-PJ264 Application and Control of Organic Finishes
AMS 2801/AMS 2750 Heat Treatment of Titanium Alloy Parts
LMA-PE007 Electron Beam Welding
LMA-PC009 Hardness and Conductivity Testing, Nondestructive Methods
LMA-PC001 Requirements for ultrasonic Inspection of Bonded and Composite structures
ASTM E1742 Radiographic Examination
LMA-PC201 / ASTM-E1417 Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection
LMA-PC301 Radiographic Inspection, general requirements
2ZZP00039 Bonding and Cobonding parts with Epoxy Materials (Pre-Bond Preparation, Titanium)
NADCAP NDT (ultrasonic-, penetrant-, radiographic- and digital radiographic inspection)

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