Mechanic assembling parts

Manufacturing Engineering

KONGSBERG is the premier aerospace engineering environment in Norway. KONGSBERG is a prime contractor in cruise missile development and manufacturer of aerostructures. Additionally KONGSBERG design, develop and qualify complex space subsystem for launchers and satellites.

Mechanic measuring parts

Areas of expertise 

  • Pre-preg technology (BMI and epoxy)
  • Composite moulding tool design and manufacturing (BMI, steel and Invar)
  • Design and manufacturing of tools, fixtures, assembly jigs
  • High precision machining of composite materials
  • Machining of non-metallic cores
  • Machining of titanium and high alloy material
  • Surface treatment of titanium (pre-bond etch, priming)
  • High speed machining of aluminum
  • Bonded assemblies
  • Integration and Assembly
  • Non-Destructive Testing (ultrasonic, X-ray, FPI)
  • Robotized paint and prime of composites
  • High precision, large volume metrology

Mechanical design & development

  • Computer Aided Design – Catia V5, FiberSim™, SolidWorks
  • Finite Element Analysis – MSC.Software tooling suite, CATIA V5

Manufacturing engineering

  • Computer Aided Manufacturing – MasterCam, CATIA and VeriCut
  • Manufacturing Execution System - Proflow
  • Design and manufacturing of tools, fixtures, assembly jigs
  • Lean and Six Sigma implementation


  • Material testing, including establishing design allowables

In-house special process, capability and certification

  • Composite (Epoxy, BMI, monolithic, sandwich, bonding, potting, riveting, ClickBond)
  • Chemical Etching
  • Heat Treatment
  • Electron Beam Welding
  • Hard Surface Welding
  • Prime and Paint
  • Grit Blasting
  • NDT (X-ray, Ultrasonic and FPI)


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