Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KONGSBERG) Tactical Communications Systems (K-TaCS) is the preferred solution for advanced Air Defence applications, advanced tactical operations with high mobility, and tactical backbone wide area networks in more than 40 countries around the globe. KONGSBERG’s tactical communications systems have proven extreme performance in extreme conditions and climates, such as desert, rain-forest and the Arctic North.

KONGSBERG is a leading supplier of defence products and systems for command and control, surveillance, space, remote weapons operations, and KONGSBERG Tactical Communications Systems (K-TaCS). All products in the K-TaCS family are high quality ruggedised-by-design equipment for use in advanced military tactical communications systems.

High capacity radio links

KONGSBERG’s high capacity radio links are software defined radios with outstanding analogue filtering for world class tactical performance, ensuring long range, spectrum efficiency  and superior collocation capabilities. The radios react to severe jamming conditions through activation of advanced anti-jamming functions.

With the added ability in the system to perform immediate rerouting, K-TaCS delivers essential features for survival in the vital seconds of an enemy attack:

  • RL532, a NATO band III-radio (1350 – 2690 MHz), is one of the most successful radio links in the market, with users in more than 40 countries. RL532 provides up to 68 Mbit/s aggregated full duplex, reliable and secure communications in a hostile electronic warfare environment. The radio is a rack-based solution, typically mounted in a 19 inch equipment rack.
  • RL542A, a NATO band IV-radio (4400 – 5000 MHz), delivers high bandwidth for tactical wide area networks, with up to 200 Mbit/s aggregated full duplex, reliable and secure communications. RL542A is an outdoor unit, mounted close to the antenna and connects directly to an IP network. The fully ruggedised-by-design unit can be installed on tripods, masts, buildings or towers. No indoor or base band unit is required.

Both radios are designed and battle proven as communications carriers for tactical wide area networks, connecting command posts and advanced weapon systems. The instant and real time connection provided by the radios is vital in time-critical systems like Patriot and the NASAMS Air Defence system. Rapid link establishment, combined with the robust waveforms, ensures stable and reliable connections. With AES256 encryption, and MIL-STD 810 and 461-compliance, KONGSBERG tactical radio links are a natural choice for users worldwide. The radio links can operate in point-to-point and point-to-multi point configurations, giving the user a wider set of options when planning and conducting operations.

Networking capabilities

In addition to radio links, K-TaCS is a fully distributed system consisting of routers, LAN switches, user terminals and interface units. This enables autonomous operations and ensures rapid establishment of communications nodes and networks. The intuitive and user-friendly man-machine interface of the communications management system ensures efficient planning of the network topology, interconnections and services.

In military operations, the scenario is unpredictable and full of surprises, therefore changes and adaptations to plans should be easily achievable. K-TaCS solves these challenges by automatically adapting the network structure without the operator having to carry out any specific configuration. K-TaCS ability to use a number of connections (e.g. optical fibre, radio links and satellite) ensures that highly resilient connectivity can be achieved. The fully ruggedised equipment is also designed with a user-friendly man- machine interface to reduce the cognitive load of the operators during stressful operations.

Turn-key communications systems – from concept to finalisation

KONGSBERG has a long tradition of supplying complete communications turn-key solutions. These include complete shelters with operator positions, infrastructure, and communications networks. The solutions are tuned to operational needs and can be adapted to smaller vehicles, larger shelters, tents and fixed installations. KONGSBERG provides and integrates antennas and masts from a suite of suppliers, and with automatic antenna alignment, the solutions reduce the time to establish and tear down a site, with the number of soldiers required kept to a minimum.

KONGSBERG also has the experience and will to deliver state of the art-solutions in close collaboration with partners, to ensure a best possible solution for the end-user. KONGSBERG’s flexibility, agile approach, and focus on standardisation are key capabilities looking at upcoming tactical communications programmes.

WORLD CLASS Trough Life Support

KONGSBERG’s Through Life Support is designed to provide the possibility for customers to become self-reliant through close collaboration and a guiding partnership. The wide range of support options are tailored to meet end-users’ operational needs, and all customers get a dedicated key account manager that will ensure a timely and reliable follow-up.

KONGSBERG’s Through Life Support concept is a two-step model: A Basic Agreement for continuous and recurring services, and a wide selection of On Demand services. These secure benefits such as:

  • Maintaining operational readiness and developing defence capabilities
  • Professional, experienced advisors
  • Predictive and cost saving planning
  • Adaptable training

An in-country capability

KONGSBERG supports the increased focus in most countries on social value and prosperity, and are eager to further strengthen this effort through upcoming opportunities. KONGSBERG's Land Systems division have a proven track record of collaboration with local governmental and industrial interests, to deliver economical and operationally sustainable solutions, with both the ability and will to conduct transfer of technology. The goal is to ensure that KONGSBERG’s capabilities can be delivered according to customer requirements, and with local and national partners where possible.