KONGSBERG Through Life Support will increase the operational availability, ensure updated performance of the systems and provide predictable life-cycle cost.

Through Life Support Concept

The KONGSBERG Through Life Support Concept (TLS) is a two-step model, consisting of one fixed part and one On- demand part. KONGSBERG TLS provides a complete support package tailored  to cover each customers total support requirements. 

The fixed Basic Support Package consists of services considered as continuous and recurring.  The On-Demand services offer a wide range of options to cover the customers specific support needs as they may change during the year.

The fixed Basic Support Package is based on an annual fee and the On Demand-services are to be ordered separately. 

Annual Basic Support Package is based on a fixed annual fee and consists of the following services:
• Remote Technical Support
• Prioritized access to spare parts and reduced time of delivery
• Software updates
• Obsolescence Management
• Regular Support meetings

On-Demand Services can be ordered separately, with prices agreed upon within the framework of the Contract.  Services may include:
• Training courses
• On Site Support
• Workshops