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Why choose Kongsberg

200 years of history, 200 years of being the best at what we do, working with the best people. A proud past, and an exciting future where we keep pushing boundaries. Do you want to take part in our future?

KONGSBERG is an exciting environment where the brightest minds in our field work together to exchange knowledge and create ground-breaking solutions.

We are always looking for bright minds who want to be part of a world class environment of innovation and technology. People who are ready to face new challenges every day. With our broad expertise, these challenges might take place 11 000 meters below sea level or 36 000 kilometres into space.

We relentlessly pursue improvements, new ideas and new solutions. That means pursuing new talent as well.

Are you looking to be part of real-world projects resulting in true innovation? Do you want to make a difference? Do you want to work with sustainable solutions for the future in a company with world-class colleagues?

The best and most cutting-edge technology needs the best minds – here at KONGSBERG we make you even better. We work to anticipate the threats of the future, from wars to environmental issues, and create sustainable solutions to these challenges.

Join us in delivering extreme performance for extreme conditions.

Summer jobs

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Are you interested in writing your thesis with KONGSBERG? Send us an application and let us know what you are interested in:

Relevant candidates will be contacted for further discussions.

Your application is stored in our database for six months. If you have not heard from us by then, we have not been able to find a suitable project for you. 

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