KONGSBERG drive electronics – ELEKTRA – can control up to two mechanisms simultaneously and independently

ELEKTRA is a fully integrated two axis drive electronics unit developed by KONGSBERG to command the angular speed and position based on commands from the Spacecraft.< br >
ELEKTRA can control up to two mechanisms simultaneously and independently. Motion can be commanded by a specific number of steps or as constant speed. Powered Hold-mode is also supported. Power, position, speed, acceleration and step-mode (micro-step, full-step) are configurable via tele commands in all modes.

The first generation of ELEKTRA was delivered in the Sentinel 1 program, and has been functioning nominally in-orbit since 2014.


  • Constant power control
  • Full Cold Redundancy
  • Full protection against over-voltage, under-voltage and short circuit
  • Configurable Power/Speed/Acceleration
  • Full step to 128 micro-step
  • High-resolution speed command
  • High-resolution position readout
  • Mechanical end stop switch acquisition
  • Programmable acceleration
  • Low EMC emissions
  • FDIR/Housekeeping

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