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Service desk workflow



The figure shows the Jira service desk workflow. In the table below different statuses are explained:
Status Description
WAITING FOR SUPPORT This status is default upon creation. It means that issue is created and registered in Jira. Waiting for work to start.
IN PROGRESS IN PROGRESS means that issue is assigned to an engineer, issue is being actively worked on at the moment by the assignee.
WAITING FOR CUSTOMER Progress is pending upon feedback from customer, for example in situations where KSGS needs more information before analysis can start.
RESOLVED RESOLVED means that the work is completed and issue is resolved. For bugs this means that a fix is implemented and tested.
Hot fix or release delivered to customer.
Issue is confirmed resolved, and closed.
MONITORING is used in situations where we want to monitor if a given fix works as expected, or in situations where we need more information.
REJECTED is used if the issue is not inside the scope of the delivered system or maintenance contract.
This is how the service desk is configured today. Changes may occur in the future.