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Defence Communications

K-TaCS: Kongsberg Tactical Communication System

  • KONGSBERG designs and manufactures high quality ruggedized equipment to be used in advanced tactical communication systems.
  • KONGSBERG supports state-of-the-art IP as well as legacy systems.
  • KONGSBERG supplies trunked network solutions on Brigade/Battalion level as well as mobile radio solutions.
  • KONGSBERG tactical communication solutions are found in more than 30 countries and have been available for over 40 years.
  • KONGSBERG tactical communication solutions are known by the following factors: Easy of operation, fully ruggedized and advanced technology.
  • KONGSBERG has a commitment to deliver systems that do-the-job.

KONGSBERG delivers products within these areas:

Typical applications for K-TaCS are:

  • Air Defence Systems
  • Wide Area Networks for Army
  • C4I networks

K-TaCS: Ruggedized by Design