PROTEUS TRIdent (Training in Recognition and Identification) provides a low-risk, cost-effective recognition and identification training system for naval platforms including: surface ships, submarines, and maritime air platforms (aircraft, helicopters and UAVs).

Recognition and identification skills are essential to minimize the risk of fratricide. PROTEUS TRIdent provides both instructor-led and self-paced training, which can be run stand-alone, or linked to a customer’s existing SCORM-compliant Learning Management System (LMS). PROTEUS TRIdent is supplied with the tools required for users to create and maintain their own lessons. Alternatively, users may purchase PROTEUS TRIdent as a managed service, with regular updates being provided to ensure lessons remain current.

PROTEUS TRIdent’s large database of highly accurate and up to date 3D models permits users to select those platforms appropriate to their operating area and to select platforms to train for out of area operations as well. In addition to a wide range of high fidelity available images, a Realtime viewer allows users to view models from any angle, range and in any lighting and weather conditions. If required, models may also be viewed as if seen through night-vision goggles (NVGs) or thermal imaging systems.

As part of the PROTEUS software family, PROTEUS TRIdent 3D models are useable in any PROTEUS product. PROTEUS TRIdent users, therefore, have access to the same high fidelity models in all their PROTEUS trainers.

Training in recognition and identification

Developing fast and accurate recognition and identification skills are critical in the military environment where, sadly, fratricide continues to be a serious problem, whether at sea, on land or in the air. KONGSBERG recognised the need for an effective recognition and identification training capability and has developed the PROTEUS TRIdent recognition and identification training system in response.

Conventional recognition training tends to use a limited database of photographs, which can result in lessons becoming predictable and less engaging for those being trained. Potentially this can lead to a lack of interest for the subject, potentially reducing the value and effectiveness of the training and a wasting training budget. KONGSBERG’s solution is to provide high fidelity 3D models, supported by a link to a Realtime viewer so that instructors are able to create an infinite variety of recognition and identification training challenges to maintain user interest and enhance skills in a cost-effective way.

PROTEUS TRIdent builds core recognition and identification skills through the use of instructor-led and self-paced learning. Having acquired those core skills, users can then use PROTEUS TRIdent to maintain their proficiency, even in theatre. The high fidelity 3D models provided by the PROTEUS TRIdent system can also be used to train personnel to correctly apply the Rules of Engagement. PROTEUS TRIdent 3D models incorporate articulation of systems that could provide indicators of potentially hostile actions, such as a threat vessel traversing guns, opening weapon hatches or moving blast screens prior to firing weapons.

PROTEUS TRIdent 3D models are compatible with other PROTEUS training systems to reinforce recognition and identification skills throughout the training environment. For example, in the PROTEUS INTERACT whole crew training system, TRIdent’s high fidelity 3D models provide the bridge team, lookouts, crew-served weapon and remote weapon station operators with realistic threats to recognise and identify.

Another application of the PROTEUS TRIdent training system is teaching personnel to prioritize the order in which targets are to be engaged. This is particularly important during a swarm attack, when many threat vessels may be encountered in a very fast-moving engagement. In such a situation, it is important to first destroy the highest threat ‘silver bullets’ before they can launch their guided weapons.

PROTEUS TRIdent lessons can be used to train surface lookouts, remote weapon station operators, submariners, aircrew and UAV controllers. Lessons can replicate each operator’s environment to ensure lessons are relevant to their needs.


  • Provides a low-risk, cost-effective recognition and identification training solution
  • Can be tailored to meet each user’s specific training requirements
  • Runs on COTS PCs and mobile devices
  • Provides SCORM compliant CBT (computer-based training) modules
  • User updateable
  • PROTEUS TRIdent 3D models can be incorporated into any PROTEUS training system thereby providing the ability to create the ‘local’ Order-Of-Battle for any operational area
  • Long-term follow-on support contract available.