PROTEUS Surface warship command team trainer (CTT)

The PROTEUS Surface Warship Command Team Trainer (CTT) prepares the CIC team to operate their specific class of vessel in the complex 21st Century naval environment.

PROTEUS Surface Warship CTTs utilise the PROTEUS training solution software to provide high quality with low development risk. Each PROTEUS Surface Warship CTT is configured to represent the functionality and layout of the consoles in the CIC of a specific class of vessel. To provide realistic Command Team Training in larger task force-level exercises, the PROTEUS Surface Warship CTT can be networked with the generic multi-cubicle PROTEUS ASTT.

The PROTEUS CTT can be linked to other HLA-compliant simulators, including any of the PROTEUS training solution systems, and KONGSBERG’s K-Sim. Navigation Naval Bridge and desktop trainers.

Training for the naval environment

The naval threat environment has probably never been more complex. Many countries are purchasing modern weapons and highly capable warships, submarines, air assets and coastal defences. In recent years, the threat of asymmetric warfare, in particular in choke points and littoral areas, has further complicated the naval operational environment.

In this complex naval environment, it is essential that a warship’s command team is well trained and that they work together to get the best from their vessel and its crew, sensors, weapons, countermeasures and communications. To address this training need, KONGSBERG provides the PROTEUS Surface Warship Command Team Trainer (CTT), configured to represent the CIC, its equipment and layout, exactly as they are in a customer’s specific class of vessel.

By training in a realistic operational environment whilst working in a CIC based on their real warship, command teams quickly become familiar with how best to fight their ship. To provide force-level training, the PROTEUS Surface Warship CTT can be linked to the multi-cubicle PROTEUS ASTT, or any HLA-compliant simulator.

To minimize cost and to reduce development risk, the PROTEUS Surface Warship CTT utilizes the well-proven PROTEUS training solution software, adapted to run on emulations of real CIC equipment. This, in turn, reduces through life costs by allowing the PROTEUS Surface Warship CTT to benefit from the ongoing product development of the PROTEUS training solution.

World-class training

PROTEUS training solution software has been selected as the basis of the Command Team Trainer for the Royal Australian Navy’s Hobart Class Air Warfare Destroyer. This state-of-the-art warship provides the RAN with new capabilities that require its crews to receive the very best training in how to fight their ship: optimising the operations of their sensors, weapons, countermeasures and communications and working together as a highly professional team.


  • Proven in operational training - provides low-risk, cost-effective training solution
  • Can be tailored to meet each user’s specific training requirements
  • Runs on COTS PCs
  • HLA evolved compliant (IEEE1516.2010)
  • Can be federated with any other PROTEUS training system, or:
  • Kongsberg Maritime’s K-Sim. Navigation training systems
  • Third party trainers using either an HLA or DIS interface
  • A long-term follow-on support contract available