PROTEUS Naval Electronic Warfare (EW) Trainer

The PROTEUS Naval EW Trainer utilises the proven EW functionality from the PROTEUS ASTT to provide a dedicated trainer for naval EW personnel.

Scenarios can be created that provide a realistic EW environment with multiple emitters for the operator to analyse and identify. Having identified threat emitters, the PROTEUS Naval EW Trainer information can be used to plot threat bearings and co-operate with other platforms to fix the origin of intercepted emissions.

For those vessels with electronic countermeasures (ECM), such as chaff and IR flare dispensers, passive or active decoys, or active jammers, EW personnel can practise deploying appropriate countermeasures when their vessel is under attack.

The PROTEUS Naval EW Trainer can be configured to represent EW equipment on any naval platform.
The PROTEUS Naval EW Trainer can be linked to any HLA-compliant simulator.

Naval electronic warfare

The lesson learnt in all major conflicts over the past 100 or more years is that wars are usually won by the side that wins the Electronic War. Since shortly after the development of radio communications, naval forces have used EW to gain an advantage over their opponent. As early as 1905, Japanese naval units used EW against Russian radio communications at the Battle of Tsushima, and in the First World War, radio monitoring and direction finding enabled the British Royal Navy to engage the German Grand Fleet at the Battle of Jutland. During that war and in subsequent conflicts, there have been numerous examples of how naval EW played a key role in major engagements.

In the missile age, EW continues to play a vital role in providing ships with a means to detect and counter anti-ship missile homing heads.

PROTEUS naval electronic warfare training

Success in the EW battle requires specialised techniques to be learnt and maintained at a high level of effectiveness. EW operators need to receive specialist and dedicated training to develop their skills to the required standard and to develop an awareness of the need for emission control. As well as developing their skills, EW Operators need to know how to exploit the information gained. Their ability to exploit an opponent’s radar and communications transmissions may allow a naval vessel to covertly detect, identify, locate and track a target vessel without using active sensors.

The PROTEUS Naval EW Trainer provides a realistic emitter environment in which EW operators can learn the necessary skills to win the EW battle.

The PROTEUS Naval EW Trainer can be configured with generic EW systems, or provided with emulations of real EW equipment, including sensors and countermeasures.


  • Proven in operational training - provides low-risk, cost-effective training solution
  • Can be tailored to meet each user’s specific training requirements
  • Runs on COTS PCs
  • HLA evolved compliant (IEEE1516.2010)
  • Can be federated with any other PROTEUS training system, or:
  • Kongsberg Maritime’s K-Sim. Navigation training systems
  • Third party trainers using either an HLA or DIS interface
  • A long-term follow-on support contract available