Supplier Quality Assurance Requirements (SQAR)

The Supplier Quality Assurance Requirements (SQAR) defines quality assurance requirements for suppliers. Product specific requirements are defined in separate product requirement specifications (e.g., Technical Data Package (TDP)).

The SQAR uses as a basis the requirements in Quality management systems – Requirements (ISO 9001:2015) and defines additional Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace requirements.

For each supplier engaged in design, development, procurement, manufacturing, measuring, test/verification, delivery or servicing activitetes purchased by Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, a SQAR Compliance Matrix shall be established. The SQAR Compliance Matrix defines which chapters of the SQAR that applies, based on the specific types of products or services provided by the supplier.

The supplier shall complete and deliver to Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace a SQAR Compliance Matrix that contains a statement for each requirement in the SQAR, with a reference to the process, procedure or document that ensures compliance to the requirement. Any noncompliance or partial compliance requires a justification.