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Surface ships

Based on Norway’s unique strategic position as a coastal nation, and in close cooperation with the Royal Norwegian Navy and the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, KONGSBERG is delivering systems and solutions for surface ships in all types of challenging environments.

The core of our Combat Navigation System (CNS) and Combat Management System (CMS) are common for all classes of ships, ranging from submarines through Coast Guards and OPVs to Frigates. The CMS manages all warfare areas; Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW), Anti Surface Warfare (ASuW) and Anti Air Warfare (AAW), including a well proven integration with AEGIS.

As an independent combat system integrator, KONGSBERG has over the last 5 decades integrated Sensor- and Weapon-systems from all major suppliers world-wide into our CMS.


An innovative system for territorial waters Surveillance & Protection

Ensuring mission success

A key national security requirement is the effective understanding of all activities, events and trends in the maritime domain that could threaten the safety, security, economy, or environment of a state.

VANGUARD is a maritime system adaptable and affordable to every role relevant to achieve this understanding and to act accordingly. The effective area covered by VANGUARD is the combined areas of the mothership and the UAVs/USVs acting in manned, remote or autonomous modes.

The mothership is truly a "workhorse" built around a multi purpose hangar supporting both helicopter, UAVs and USVs according to role as needed. Change of roles is done in hours.

Scalable Combat Navigation System and Combat Management System for all classes of Navy ships


  • MSI Combat Management System
  • Hugin AUV
  • Minesniper
  • Vanguard

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