RS4 installed on a BOXER 8x8 with a new mission module.


In December 2021, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KONGSBERG) and Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) signed a contract for the delivery of the PROTECTOR RS4, the world’s most fielded Remote Weapon System, for the German Joint Fire Support Team, schwer (JFSTsw) program.

This is the first contract KONGSBERG has signed with KMW and the second PROTECTOR RS4 contract for the German Army. The new contract with KMW includes the development and delivery of prototype and reference systems for trials and tests, and will be followed with serial production contract. The RS4 will be installed on a BOXER 8x8 with a new mission module.

“We are proud to be part of a team that provides mobility, lethality, protection and better surveillance capability for the operator,” says Arne Gjennestad, Vice President Marketing and Sales, KONGSBERG.

The PROTECTOR RS4 is designed and built for operation in extreme environmental conditions, with capabilities that allow soldiers to operate from a protected position by using stabilized precision optics and laser to observe, detect, and engage targets with increased accuracy and reduced collateral damage.


The PROTECTOR RS4 will be installed on a BOXER 8x8 with a new mission module, which will include the Thales PAAG (Panoramic Above Armour Gimbal) JFS observation and surveillance systems integrated into a NATO Generic Vehicle Architecture (NGVA). NGVA is a NATO Standardisation Agreement based on open standards to design and integrate multiple electronic sub-systems onto military vehicles - intended to create standards for land systems vehicle architecture to become more sustainable and given a longer lifespan.

The BOXER 8x8 is a highly mobile, state-of-the-art armoured transport vehicle whose modular design permits a wide variety of mission- specific configurations with a number of mission variants currently under development.


The PROTECTOR RS4 is a mature and proven product based on millions of hours of operational experience in combat zones combined with close cooperation with Defence Forces worldwide for continual system enhancement to meet new user requirements and leverage new technology. KONGSBERG is already in delivery phase of a PROETCTOR RS4 Counter UAS system for the German Army - also installed on the Boxer 8x8.

KMW is a German systems supplier which develops, produces and supports a broad product portfolio. KMW has far-reaching system competencies in civilian and military simulation, command and control systems and remote-controlled carriages with reconnaissance and observation equipment.