Finnish-Norwegian Defence Industry Seminar 2020

Helsinki, Finland
The Finnish and Norwegian defence industries are close partners. KONGSBERG is a proud sponsor of the Finnish-Norwegian Defence Industry Seminar 16-17 March in Helsinki.

A strong Nordic defence requires collaboration across borders. For Norway, Finland is a long-term partner when it comes to industrial cooperation, and the two countries can both benefit by learning more about each other’s competence and capabilities. 

KONGSBERG has a strong presence in Finland, and is proud to sponsor the The Finnish-Norwegian Defence Industry Seminar 2020. The seminar is arranged by AFDA (Association of Finnish Defence and Aerospace Industries) and FSi (Norwegian Defence and Security Industry Directory), with the support of the Finnish and Norwegian Ministry of Defence.

The event is a joint forum for dialogue with Finnish and Norwegian authorities. The aim is to make the Finnish and Norwegian defense industry more competitive in the domestic and international markets through collaboration.

Photo: Amanda Fjeld/Norwegian Armed Forces

International cooperation is crucial to nations security, economy and welfare, and our political leaders say that the goal of Nordic cooperation is to strengthen the national defense of the participating countries, identify possible synergies and find effective common solutions. We believe the industry plays a vital role here.