Outer space

KONGSBERG reaches for the stars through cutting-edge technology.

Space innovation has become an important industry on a global level. We at KONGSBERG aim to take part in this as a leading expert in new technology. KONGSBERG is today present in every part of the VALUE chain – from launch, satellites and space probes, to the download and use of satellite data.

A valuable partner in the new commercial space age

 Commercial space exploration has increased significantly over the last decade.

KONGSBERG is a world leading supplier of on-board electronic equipment and components for satellites and launchers. One of our largest markets is commercial telecommunications satellites. We are specialised in analogue signal processing equipment, including frequency converters, frequency generator modules and related building blocks.

In simple terms, the current space market can be divided into three areas: Scientific programmes and earth observation, commercial telecommunication and navigation. All satellites require equipment and services to control, download and process satellite data. KONGSBERG is a technological leader in all three areas.

Presence in the arctic with pole-to-pole coverage

We are uniquely positioned to provide ground station and earth observation services for polar orbiting satellites. For satellite owners, we provide unique pole-to-pole coverage, including the largest ground station in the world at Svalbard – the only commercial ground station in the world able to provide all-orbit-support to owners and operators of polar-orbiting satellites.

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With three interconnected polar ground stations; Tromsø, Svalbard, and Antarctic Station at, and a growing mid-latitude network, we operate about 100 antennas optimally positioned for access to polar orbits. KONGSBERG is a world leader in the supply of ground stations for the download and processing of satellite data, as well as satellite services from our ground stations. With more than 20 sites worldwide, and 150 stations, we provide optimised locations for satellites in polar, inclined and equatorial orbits. In addition, we offer earth observation services with the fastest available delivery times.

Our customers include both public and commercial users who have urgent, time-sensitive, operational requirements, as well as satellite owners and operators. 

Navigation and surveillance through state-of-the-art satellites

Our solutions are in-service with the world's leading maritime organisations, most successful port and coastal authorities, and safest offshore operators.

We supply a broad range of equipment, systems and services related to clients within the aerospace and maritime surveillance industries in more than 40 countries. Our maritime domain awareness systems and control centres for maritime surveillance, are an essential component to the integration of ground and satellite data. 

We provide high-end, real time situational awareness, decision support, management solutions and services for optimum safety, efficiency and security, within the maritime domain. We believe that the provision of the right information, to the right user, at the right time through an intelligent common operational picture is paramount to timely decision making.

Galileo is Europe's answer to the American Global Positioning System (GPS), developed by the European Space Agency (ESA). Galileo provides global coverage relying on signals received on the ground from a frequency generator developed and produced by KONGSBERG. The operational support related to the Sentinel satellites for The Copernicus programme, The European Union and ESA’s Earth observation programme, is also handled by KONGSBERG. Our role in these high profile initiatives contribute to KONGSBERG being the biggest space company in the Nordic countries.