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Deep sea

KONGSBERG provides technology that allows us to explore uncharted territories and investigate the deepest sea.

Through dedicated innovation, KONGSBERG has become a global leading technology company making it possible to explore the secrets of the deep. 80 per cent of the oceans are more than 3000 meters deep. Most of these areas are still unexplored.

World-class on sound under water

KONGSBERG houses some of the world’s most experienced researchers on sound in water technologies. We are constantly pushing the boundaries on echosounders able to detect fish migration and movement, making both research and fishing easier. Our echosounders can map ocean resources with great precision as we deliver technology that can operate at full ocean depth, near 11 000 metres deep.

Discovering new territories

Our HUGIN Autonomous Underwater Vehicle- system, provide the de facto technology standard for advanced underwater robotics. It is the leading subsea vehicle for exploring and mapping out the sea floor, with some of our AUV models reaching depts as far as 6000 meters deep.

KONGSBERG operates in close collaboration with customers, research institutes and universities; aiming to manage the ocean in a sustainable way.

Our technology is a vital part in expanding our knowledge of the oceans and marine life, helping to protect this delicate environment.

Defence and security under water

KONGSBERG is a leading supplier of combat systems to naval submarines. Our sonar systems provide unequalled high-quality data to submarine staff, in addition to state-of-the-art defence and security systems.


We deliver leading systems for underwater surveillance, including the analysing tools necessary to process the information. KONGSBERG also contributes to submarine combat systems, enabling the submarine crew to fully perceive their surroundings, identify objects and analyse the situation in detail. By consolidating all this information, the technology permits a rapid and reliable response.

Pioneering work in the oil and gas industries

We assist companies in the oil and gas industry to gain a technological advantage in their field. As an example, we provide solutions for semi-submersible drilling systems, allowing for drilling as deep as 5000 meters below sea level, adding to our expertise in the deepest parts of the oceans.

A trusted, stable technology and service delivery partner, KONGSBERG creates immediate and long-term value for customers, through integrated solutions reducing environmental impact. For the offshore oil and gas industry, our solutions are designed to support the industry and the environment, built to operate during the whole life-cycle of a field.

Technology is our way of overcoming the challenges that we see in the world around us.