F-35 on the runway taxing


KONGSBERG takes great pride in delivering advanced aerospace technology solutions trusted by our customers throughout decades.

With a proven track record in operations at high altitudes, KONGSBERG is the trusted partner for several air forces as well as global aircraft companies in need of manufacturing- and engineering expertise, innovative systems and maintenance. Crossover technology is key for KONGSBERG’s airborne ventures, making sure our innovation travels between the sectors and industries we are part of.  

Technology from KONGSBERG can be found in air defence systems, F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircrafts. Our products are characterised by high precision and flexibility. We have developed the world’s very first remote air traffic control tower, able to control the air traffic at multiple airports.  

Joint Strike Missile – KONGSBERG is a key supplier to F-35’s

The latest generation of precision strike missiles used in anti-ship and land attack missions is the Joint Strike Missile (JSM), that can be fired from the new F-35’s. The cruise missile employs a extremely accurate navigation system and has a high survivability against air defence systems, maximising mission success.

KONGSBERG is also a key supplier on the F-35 program for production of advanced composite and metal structures, maximizing the fighter’s performance.

Strategically positioned on maintenace, repair and overhaul

Within military aircraft and helicopter maintenance, KONGSBERG has a track record spanning more than 30 years, where we have been specialized in service of gearboxes and rotor heads for Sea King and Lynx helicopters.

Through acquisitions we have strengthened our maintenance, overhaul and repair (MRO) offering further, amongst other with engine maintenance for the new F-35 aircraft and for Norway’s new search and rescue helicopters.

The world’s first remote air traffic control for Avinor

Groundbreaking military technology is finding its way into civilian air traffic, where one of our latest innovations are remote tower centers for air traffic management. The world’s largest remote towers center, run by Norway’s Air Navigation Services (Avinor), can control the air traffic at 15 airports.

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Using infrared cameras and technology to detect moving objects in the airspace and on the ground, KONGSBERG’s remote tower system provide exceptional performance.

Our history of world-class achievements is gained through a relentless quest for world-class innovations, continuous hard work and unmistakable head-strong determination. This lays the foundation for our future ambitions on our airborne mission.


When it comes to air defence on ground, we produce NASAMS, a modern and flexible medium-range system, in partnership with Raytheon. The missile launcher is designed for operation in the Arctic, sub tropic and warm-dry climatic conditions. It can be transported by trucks, by rail and through the air by transport airplanes. In the recent years, NASAMS is the preferred air defense system in NATO.