KONGSBERG is a world leading supplier of land-based defence systems ranging from communications to weapons control and surveillance.

Other land-based solutions we offer are maritime harbour surveillance and technology related to renewable energy asset management.

At KONGSBERG we contribute to improved safety, security and performance in critical and complex missions. We are a trusted partner for nations securing their citizens, personnel and assets on land. Our advanced technology developed for this purpose is also deployed in other sectors and areas.

Prefered Defence systems

Our ground-based air defence systems and remote weapon stations are of critical importance to several nations.

NASAMS (Norwegian Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System) is a modern and network based medium-range system, developed in partnership with Raytheon.


The missile launcher is designed for operation in the Arctic, sub tropic and warm-dry climatic conditions, NASAMS is the preferred air defence system in NATO.

KONGSBERG is the world-leading provider of Remote Weapon Systems, with more than 18 000 systems sold to 18 nations. Through world class innovation, program execution and customer understanding, provide high-tech systems for enhanced situational awareness and protection of personell and property. 

Common situation awareness

Instant access to structured information is the starting point of our tactical communication systems. For our partners within the defence sector, communication in extreme environments is challenging, yet vital. Our communications solutions are characterised by ease of use and high reliability, allowing a common situation awareness for all users and units under any circumstances.

Flexible Renewable asset managements

Within the energy market it is vital to continually adapt and optimise assets and operations. Big data analytics is key. We offer a flexible and user-friendly system for renewable asset management, applicable to the solar, wind and hydro segments.

For wind farms, our decision support solution integrates all important operational information in one unified system. Renewables, powered by the sun, will unquestionably be our future source of energy. Big data analytics will allow that energy to run more efficient and profitable.

complex Harbour monitoring

Our solution for harbor monitoring is designed to manage the complex needs of port authorities, from voyage planning, port resource allocation, incident and waste management, as well as port security and risk assessment. The system improves port service provision, efficiency, and profitability while reducing risk for our customers, some of the busiest ports in the world.