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KONGSBERG systems enable efficient and sustainable maritime operations to shipping and other maritime disciplines.

From the developing phase to end use, from the propellers and into the digital controlling system of the ship; we offer a wide range of maritime technology and integrated solutions in addition to a broad spectrum of maritime hardware and equipment.

World-class on dynamic positioning

KONGSBERG delivers dynamic positioning, a game-changer when introduced 40 years ago, and still a vital component to the offshore industry today.  

Our Dynamic Positioning systems can keep a ship in position without anchoring. This technology was embraced by the high-stakes offshore vessel industry, where docking and working alongside rigs and over wellheads is challenging in rough waters. KONGSBERG has been, and is still, a front-runner related to this technology.

leading on Autonomous vessels

Always at the forefront of marine technology, KONGSBERG is a key player in the digital transformation of operations at sea, with a leading position in the development of autonomous vessels. With data key to efficiency, KONGSBERG is as committed to information management as to developing sophisticated automation and control technology for ships.

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Unmanned vessels present a unique opportunity within the defence sector, where these boats can tow minesweepers, reducing the risks to human life.

In partnership with The Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, to develop autonomous systems for mine clearance. Such self-controlled vessels would be equipped with artificial intelligence and necessary data to change course if an obstacle hinders its trajectory. This is a prime example of how autonomy can be a game changer.

Delivering solutions to the defence industry is an important part of what we do at KONGSBERG, also protecting the seas. We develop naval missile and combat systems with state-of-the-art technologies, as well as sea protector systems for nations’ naval defence.

Maritime digitalisation from trainer to trusted partner

Our customers are involved in complex and critical operations. KONGSBERG offers first-class simulation for better training. This way the crew are comfortable and experienced operating the vessel’s advanced technology for example related to navigation and surveillance of the surroundings, already before the mission.

We provide electrical packages which include battery hybrid power and energy management systems. Sophisticated vessels operate with support delivered by KONGSBERG systems on board, allowing safer and more sustainable maritime activities.