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Tanker - Equipment / products / systems

Oil, gas and chemical tankers perform a vital function, but staying competitive while reducing your fleet’s environmental footprint in a challenging global market is a huge undertaking.

With KONGSBERG at your side, from ship design and engineering through the entire operational lifecycle, you can drive newoperational efficiencies at the vessel and fleet level, resulting in lower bunkering costs and reduced emissions. Ultimately,choosing the Full Picture optimises both CAPEX and OPEX while boosting safety at sea and contributing to your corporatesocial responsibility strategy.


Whether transporting chemical or petroleum products,a connected approach unlocks significant value for thevessel and fleet management, by empowering your crews towork safely and effectively through a single, user-friendlyinterface for operation of all Full Picture systems on board.


With data storage, analysis and application intersectingseamlessly with operational technology, the Full Picturecan enhance utilisation across your fleet, enabling you tomaximise your return on investment in modern assets anddeliver services according to your clients’ expectations.


KONGSBERG is focused on leveraging the power ofintegrated technologies to reduce your fuel consumptionand bunkering costs. Enabling tangible savings, ourinherently efficient tanker designs are complemented bystate-of-the-art sensors, energy management, control anddigital systems.


With accurate and real-time data available from connectedsystems on board, your vessels and fleet can be supportedand managed more effectively from shore. At sea, yourcrews can leverage integrated technologies to streamlineoperations, improving operational safety and performance.


It’s vital to give your crew the tools to avoid risk and acteffectively should an incident occur. The KONGSBERGIntegrated Safety Management system is a key enabler, andwhen inter-connected with all energy, handling and controlsystems on board it becomes a powerful platform for safeoperations.


KONGSBERG’s integrated systems are a catalyst forreducing your environmental impact. Facilitating safenavigation at sea and precise manoeuvring at the terminalthe Full Picture also helps to avoid accidents that couldresult in catastrophic environmental damage.