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Propulsion and manoeuvring systems

Solutions for power, propulsion and positioning

We are widely recognised for our products and system solutions for a broad range of offshore applications like drillships, drilling rigs and accommodation rigs. Systems comprise underwater mountable/demountable thrusters, dynamic positioning systems, anchor and mooring winches, fairleads and generating sets. Our products and solutions meet the challenging combination of high performance and flexibility, reduced fuel consumption and optimised life-cycle costs.


Promas propulsion and manouevring systems

The Promas propulsion and manouevring system offers increased propulsive efficiency and improved manoeuvrability by adapting the propeller and rudder into one propulsive unit. It is suitable for conventional single and twin screw ships.

Each installation comprises a twisted full spade rudder with a Costa bulb that is smoothly connected to the propeller by a hubcap, and a propeller design adapted to the rudder.

A well designed twist adapts the rudder to the rotation of the propeller slipstream and reduces the angle of attack on the rudder’s leading edge. This gives a more efficient rudder profile with lower drag and better recovery of rotational energy from the propeller slipstream.